LSAD Graduate Fashion Show 2014
Identity and branding commissioned by Limerick School of Art and Design's graduating Fashion class of 2014. This project was a collaboration between myself and designer Sinéad​​​​​​​ Foley.

Art Direction, Branding, Editorial Design.
This project encompasses four important aspects relating to the Fashion Course at LSAD.
These aspects where chosen to highlight the uniqueness and strength of the course and it’s graduates: 
Location, Individuality, Character, Form.
Interested in the process involved in the course of fashion, the graduate show marks the end of an academic process before each individual starts into a new cycle, influenced by a new environment. Taking inspiration from the suffix ‘-ion’, which refers to the action or process in the midst of completion, the suffix ending ‘fashion’ will be adjusted and revealed in a sequential manner highlighting four significant aspects, ambit-ion, collaborat-ion, innovat-ion, celebrat-ion and fash-ion.’ ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Our visual identity focuses on an “x”, encompassed in a circle. This is a minimal depiction of the event’s venue from an aerial overview, which aims to focus on the concept of experiencing Limerick from a new perspective in 2014.
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